Feeding Tube Care, Fluids & Nutrition, Oral Hygiene Children's Healthcare Training

Feeding Tube Care / Fluids & Nutrition / Oral Hygiene Children’s Healthcare Training

This course has been designed to cover all elements of nutritional care for children and young people. Many children and young people in the community are fed via gastrostomy, jejostomy and nasogastric tubes, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely provide nutrition and care for these important feeding tubes. Including but not limited to setting up feeds, cleaning and caring for the site and emergency procedures.

This course is suitable for: Carers, Nursery Workers, Teachers, Teaching assistants and Childminders.

Certification :
This course will cover theoretical and practical elements and you can choose to receive a certificate for the teaching. If you require to be signed off as competent in caring for a child or young person receiving nutrition via any of those feeding tubes above we can organise with you to come out to your place of work to sign you off.

Duration : 2.0 hours